Telemedicine Support through Sedona Holistic Medicine

Are you ...

  • Anxious?
  • Lonesome?
  • Worried about how Covid-19 will impact you, your family, professional and economic life?
  • Sick and afraid to go to a health care clinic at this time?

Would you feel more at peace if you are doing all you can to boost your immunity and stay healthy during this time?

I am available for telehealth and phone appointments at this challenging time.

With over 18 years experience as a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist, I have seen over the years various aspects of health that are important to maintain a healthy immune system.

Please feel free to reach out for help with anxiety, immune support or if you have health needs that can be addressed by telemedicine.  I am here to support you.

Blessings of peace and healing,

Dr. Rubiales

If you are interested in scheduling a phone or Telemedicine appointment, please call Sedona Holistic Medicine at (503) 241-5094.

Many insurance companies are currently covering telemedicine at this time.


NOTE: I'm still seeing patients in person who need care.

To protect my immunocompromised patients, I ask that patients coming into the clinic be free of flu, upper respiratory symptoms, cough and lung symptoms for at least 72 hours before an appointment.

Dr. Laura Rubiales

Dr. Laura Rubiales literally saved my life. Her skills and knowledge run deep, her integrity means that she researches and recommends the best holistic approach for each client upon each visit. She brings skill, knowledge and deep intuition to her practice with a healthy dose of good humor and an extraordinary amount of compassion.

None can compare with the skill, knowledge and care I received from Dr. Rubiales.

Jeanette P.