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Although not life threatening, chronic migraines can be seriously debilitating affecting every facet of a person's life and even causing disability. Through my long term work that has focused on patients who have headaches, I have repeatedly learned they benefit from a multifaceted approach. Assessing nutritional triggers through testing or elimination/challenge can be incredibly helpful to assist someone on the path back to health.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be wonderful to decrease pain and frequency and help people cope through times of great stress. Diagnostic workups can help to see what needs to be addressed. Mindfulness stress reduction approaches help patients cope with day to day life. When indicated, medications can provide relief while causes are addressed.

Engaging the five pillars of health that include relationship to food/nutrition, exercise/movement, rest/sleep, stress reduction, and connectedness to self and others is instrumental in helping the person prevent future migraines. If you are suffering from migraines, please reach out for help. I would be happy to work with you as a team to support you in getting your quality of life back.

Please contact migraine specialist Dr. Rubiales at info@sedonaholisticmedicine.com for more information about Migraine Headache Treatment in Sedona.

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Dr. Rubiales is wonderful! I have been seeing her for headaches and anxiety and have seen a positive response in just a few treatments. Her technique is gentle, yet very effective. She is confident in her knowledge and I appreciate the way she asks how you are feeling during treatment and will make adjustments accordingly.
She has such a warm, welcome manner and I feel a great sense of calm just walking in the door. Between the treatments and Chinese herbs, she has made a huge difference in my health.
Thank you, Dr. Rubiales!!

Allison C.


We were desperate when we met Dr. Rubiales in August 2006. My 11 year old daughter had suffered constant headaches and dizziness for several months as a result to an autoimmune reaction to pneumonia. She had spent 2.5 weeks in care and treatment programs of two hospitals and at least 2.5 months at home without ever being free of her symptoms.  


It is difficult to describe with words how deeply we were moved when Dr. Rubiales' first acupuncture treatment took away her pain and all other symptoms. What a relief to learn that there was a cure!   


Dr. Rubiales brings Western and Eastern alternative healing methods into harmony advocating for a holistic approach to healing.


As Chief of Pediatric Neurology at Arizona Health and Science University, I began collaborating with Dr. Rubiales on some of my more difficult patients. I specialize in Child and Adolescent Headache but also have had considerable numbers of patients with conversion disorders. Dr. Rubiales has been invaluable in terms of her skills to offer these patients avenues of relief which may take months using conventional pharmacology. 


It is without reservation that I highly recommend Dr. Laura Rubiales as a skilled, empathic, caring and knowledgeable Care Provider who is able to integrate Western and Eastern medical practices. She offers both the patient and families health care modalities which are often times difficult to access and not well integrated with western medicine.

Thomas K., MD, FAAP

Former Director, Pediatric Neurology
OHSU/ Doernbecher Children's Hospital