Treatment of Narcissistic and Sociopathic Abuse

Unfortunately for those who suffer it, narcissistic abuse is insidious and erodes your sense of self. Silver tongued people who lie and only think of themselves can cause a lot of damage. Feeling entitled to your life and everything you have have created is a hallmark of an exploitative abuser who is a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath.

Treatment of narcissistic abuse involves waking up to the truth with a benevolent and caring guide who is trained in trauma recovery. No contact will help calm the nervous system and clear cognitive dissonance. A relationship, whether it is intimate, familial, friendship or professional with someone who has a Dr. Jekyll Mr Hyde personality takes a significant toll on health and is a setup for more serious illnesses.

Calming the nervous system and restoring sleep are keys to healing. Acupuncture and homeopathy can help ease the intensity of the shock and grief of the trauma. A thorough diagnostic workup that looks at nutritional levels and hormones, and appropriate treatment can help to ensure you have the physical grit and substance to work through the layers of emotional pain.

Temporary medication may be necessary as what Dr. Joan Borysenko describes, "a life flotation device when the rivers of life get too rough."

Healing takes a focused effort. It's important that your recovery come first, that you remove yourself from toxic people and situations and that you focus on self-care. Dr. Rubiales at Sedona Holistic Medicine believes in starting with a thorough diagnostic workup and creating an appropriate team for your recovery. She collaborates with therapists, massage therapists and medical specialists to offer you what you need to heal and recover.

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I met Dr. Rubiales through her recovering from narcissistic abuse program and continued on to receive acupuncture sessions with her. I felt that Dr. Rubiales was so compassionate and understanding when I was in one of the worst times of my life, and she made me feel like she really cared about my well being beyond our appointments.
In times of turmoil, I would highly recommend Dr. Rubiales and her program to help you with the support and help you need to recover.

Amie F.