Finding Inner and Immune Strength During Covid-19

We are living in an unprecedented time. Never before in our lifetimes have we been asked to stay home so people don’t die.

Anxiety is rampant right now. At this time of crisis around the globe, it is important to keep one’s inner peace, free of anxiety as much as possible and boost one’s immunity.

Trained in mind-body medicine, counseling techniques and physiological causes of anxiety, Dr. Rubiales can support you in better mental and physical health.  In order to do that, she has designed a four-session telemedicine program.

During the first session, Dr. Rubiales will assess your health to see what areas need fine tuning to keep you optimized. Based on what you need and are open to, a supplement package for boosting your immunity and health may be shipped to you to get you through the next month of this pandemic.

The other three forty-five minute sessions will address your current health needs and how you can stay balanced and healthy.

To schedule your Telemedicine support program with Dr. Rubiales, please call Sedona Holistic Medicine at (503) 241-5094


When we first came to see Dr. Rubiales, my daughter Liz really felt there was little hope to feel better and nothing she could do to control her life and headaches. Jump ahead to the present and with no small thanks to Dr. Rubiales, she lives much more pain free, she is empowered to control her reaction to pain, and she is much more positive! Thank you does seem inadequate! We are thankful for Dr. Rubiales being such a blessing and role model in our lives.

Cindy V.


If you are seeking a Medical Professional that is caring and truly desires to find the answers for what ails you, you will find that with Dr. Rubiales. She is a true healer and I'm grateful that she followed her path as a medicine woman. We need more doctors like her in this world.

Jillian D.