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Chinese Medicine in Sedona Arizona

What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine is the world’s existing system of natural healing.  It provides insights into treating chronic diseases that are difficult to cure or even diagnose.  Through a holistic approach, it aims to maintain physical, emotional and spiritual balance in order to prevent and treat disease.  This is done by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms to regulate the flow of energy, which the Chinese call qi, and improving the function of organ systems.

During the last 2500 years, it has come to include herbal formulas, acupuncture, exercises called Qi Gong, moxibustion and Chinese bodywork.  Working with the energetics of the body, it can effectively treat disease.  Research has shown it to be particularly helpful in the areas of pain management, stress related illness, addictions, fatigue and women’s health.

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We feel so lucky to have found Dr. Rubiales and have her support in SO many ways. She is gifted, cares deeply and will help you find your way to better health. We have recommended her to everyone and are lifelong customers. Her thorough approach brought wellness and health to both my husband and I.
Thank you for your help on our journey, your vast knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese herbs - we are grateful.

Jessica D.