Sugar Addiction and Holistic Weight Loss

Lady having Sugar AddictionIn the US, sugar addiction is very common.  It can lead to fatigue, anxiety, depression, attention deficit issues and contribute to pain and inflammation.  Using proper nutritional supplementation, nutritional advice and acupuncture to help in the weaning process, I can help you to get off sugar.

My holistic weight loss program is designed with the emotional carb/sugar eater in mind and addresses both the emotional and physiological processes that trigger a person to eat more sugar.

Generally, people need support to quit sugar.  Willpower is not enough if your body is out of balance and you are using sugar to self medicate.  The phrase “old habits die hard” rings true for many people stuck in negative habitual patterns of eating, inactivity or poor lifestyle choices.

Using nutritional support in the form of good food and vitamins, acupuncture, diagnostic evaluation and encouraging meditation and exercise, I find that it is much easier for people to start changing their habits to ones that are healthier and life affirming.

If you feel stuck in patterns that are keeping you from losing weight, please feel free to reach out for help and inquire about my holistic weight loss program.    I would be happy to support you in shedding the pounds and feeling better about yourself!




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