My Mother’s Late Stage Alzheimer’s

My Mother’s Late Stage Alzheimer’sI have never seen longer dying timelines on earth than neurodegenerative disorders. You don’t see my mother’s face here because she is not able to give me her consent. At this point of her illness, she cannot walk or talk and needs round the clock care. Ongoing Alzheimer’s and dementias are often grueling long times of suffering for family members.

I think a lot about my mother’s risk factors, not only to prevent them for my patients but for myself. She had a lot of untreated trauma, hence my acute interest in treating trauma early. As a Cuban refugee who left in 1960, my mother was ill fortuned to encounter another Communist revolution in Nicaragua. This left my parents to start over in 1979 in their late forty’s. Trauma, left untreated, is an injury to the brain that can lead to neurodegeneration.

As I remember, my mother’s diet was healthy except for too many carbs. Aside from trauma, her biggest risk factor I can see was lack of movement. Exercise as I remember for her was a chore, not a joy. Thus, I encourage patients to find their movement of joy for themselves. One of my mother’s best friends, credits her health in late 80’s to the beautiful golden retriever who got her walking. I love movement and am thankful for the movement my precious Luca brings me…

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Andrea R. Holzner Ph.D.c.
Alzheimer’s Integrative Wellness Group
Local Gerontologist

Book: The End of Alzheimer’s by Dale Bredesen, MD

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