Acupuncture and Ehler Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type

Acupuncture Therapy The frequent and common subluxations of living with hypermobility can be a source of chronic pain, depression and anxiety for Ehler Danlos Syndrome sufferers. Frustrated at yet another subluxation, EDS sufferers can get depressed or have anxiety responses to the unpredictability of the disorder. While physical therapy is what will help stabilize the joints longer-term, acupuncture can be a source of relief by decreasing pain severity, calming the body and easing depression and anxiety.

By helping to release endorphins from the brain, acupuncture can aid with depression, anxiety and pain levels. The relaxation response elicited by acupuncture can help relax hypertonic muscles. EDS patients also may have increased food sensitivities, POTS, mast cell activation and other symptoms that can be addressed with a holistic approach that includes naturopathic medicine.

It is challenging to live with a condition like Ehler Danlos Syndrome but setting up a team of supportive caregivers that includes physical therapy, acupuncture, a holistic doctor and a chiropractor or osteopath to help with acute subluxations can help make the journey easier.

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